Specialty Research Models

Through years of research and worldwide collaborations, Pluris Research, Inc. has developed a compendium of experimental models designed for objective scientific evaluation of product performance, safety, efficacy, and/or regulatory claims substantiation. Although not limited to the list below, Products/Claims relate to:

  • Wound Healing
    consumer, surgical, delayed, diabetic, scar & burns
  • Wound Closures & Sealants
    sutures, staples, skin tapes & surgical adhesives.
  • Biomechanical Properties of Skin, Wound Healing and Elastic Materials
    Note: Cutting edge technology (http://www.srli.com) invented, patented & developed by Pluris Research, Inc. faculty.
  • Implantable Devices
    bone replacement, soft-tissue augmentation, prosthetics & implants antimicrobials
  • Quantitative Microbiology
    soft tissue, culture swab & cup scrub
  • Hemostatic Properties
    products developed to stop hemorrhage
  • Ischemic Tissue
    pharmaceuticals preventing tissue loss due to non-viability
  • Cadaver Bio-skills Labs
    training & education on new products using human tissue.

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